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So here are the basics on Cutting, Layout, Storage / Handling
Cutting: Most cheeses are easier to cut when cold. Hard, grating cheeses are easier to cut when at room temperature.
Cut into small wedges shortly prior to serving to prevent drying out.
Soft cheeses are best left in their original form and served with a spreading knife to enhance the presentation.
Layout / Arrangement: Place cheese on the board alternating colors, textures and flavors. Remember to serve blues LAST to avoid overpowering the palate.
Leave a portion uncut to display cheeses in natural form.
Fill the board’s empty spaces with accompaniments
Wines should be served slightly cool  Whites 50- 55/ Reds 60 – 65
Serve Largers between 42 – 48 / ales between 44 – 52
Storage / Handling: Leftover cheeses can be stored for up to two weeks for softs and 4-6 weeks for hard cheeses.
Wrap in Press & Seal Plastic wrap (my favorite)
Cheese absorbs flavors easily so keep away from aromatic foods in the fridge – if you have a separate drawer – use it for your cheese!
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